new group exhibition - Incisioni al femminile 2015

Opening: Sunday 8th march 2015 at 5.00 pm
Address: Atelier Controsegno,  Via Napoli 201, Pozzuoli, Naples (close to Cumana Station of Dazio).
Special guest: The artist Nicola Sene, from Venice, for the first time exhibiting  in Naples.


With the year 2015 Incisioni al Femminile (Female Engravings), international biennial exhibition comes back, dedicated to the graphic art, sponsored by Controsegno, with the  collaboration of Lux in Fabula and DAMA (Daphne Museum Art).
After the critical and audience success of the 2013 edition, held at the prestigious headquarters of the monumental complex Castel dell'Ovo of Naples, this year the event will be held at the Atelier Controsegno, managed by exhibition curator, the engraver Veronica Longo. The new building, inaugurated in February 2014 in Pozzuoli (Naples), and one of the few centers of Southern Italy that focuses largely on the graphic art. In the last year has hosted also many cultural events: painting, sculpture and graphics exhibitions, books launches, artistic video projections, dance performances. In the print house of the atelier one can also take courses of engraving. The patent aim of the event is remove the well-established stereotype of the engraving as an artistic practice purely "male": there are many women who devote themselves with passion and love to this art, trying to express their inner being, wiggling out from preconceptions and from the public places.
Incisioni al femminile 2015 wants to also be a special tribute to the creativity of an artist: Nicola Sene, foundress and guide of the Atelier Aperto in Venice, tireless innovator especially of the engravings experimental techniques; her minimal but decided lines, outline the figures and shapes expressing, at the same time, power and sweetness. Over recent  years this event developped more and more, becoming a sort of international meeting in which artists from different cultural experiences and contexts, are compared and present their art to a large and varied audience. This year Incisioni al femminile hosts 99 engravers from 22 countries: for some weeks the Atelier Controsegno will be transformed into a cultural cosmopolitan circles, a "workshop" of knowledge, techniques and crafts that tell of those who, in every corner of the world, senses and lives the appeal of the artistic inspiration. The exhibition will host women from all over the world: in particular some new entries from countries such as Canada, Denmark, Germany, Guatemala, Israel, Lithuania, Peru, Poland, Puerto Rico, Spain, United Kingdom, United States of America and Tunisia. As a result of a careful selection by a committee which studied the suggested engravings, each artist will present a single work; an innovation on the last procedure, where each engraver had exhibited two works. As the requests to partecipate were more than 150, it was decided to grant more artists to belong it. Almost all the engravings were donated for the purpose of creating a public collection of prints; the works will join the Fondo Donne ad Arte (Foundation Women on purpose), established by the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. A prestigious goal since the engravings will belong to a public state collection and will be visible via a database OPAC (On line Public Access Catalogue), SBN Naples.
The works are unpublished or regular edition, strictly in vertical paper format  500 x 350 mm; the used tehniques are those of the grafic art: woodcut, chalcography or experimental engraving. This year we make room to the lithography, serigraphy and the use of digital as a background for recess or relief printing.
Is the custom of Controsegno give voice to artists of various fields, creating real events during launches or closures of the exhibitions. The vernissage of the exhibition will be held, as is the tradition, on the 8th of march: a date wich must not become “useless”. For the occasion the actress Elena Tabarro will recite some of her poems Per niente (Not at all) and Alle donne che credono... (To the women who believe)... about the violence against women and La luna si è rotta (The moon is broken) by the writer and translator of poets Joyce Lussu, in the past an artist book with pictures made by Nicola Sene was dedicated to her, reprinted for this special occasion and edited by Centro Internazionale della Grafica (International Centre of Graphics).
The day after, at 10h30, there will be a show on the creation of the fine starch paper by comb from the Venetian tradition by Silvano Gosparini (Chairman of the above-named Centre). RESERVATION NEEDED.
 It comes in this way an original exchange Naples-Venice that sees in Pozzuoli, for the first time, such important people in the graphic art domain.
Several initiatives will be at the atelier, with women as protagonists, who have artistic, professional, human experiences to share, as the video in tribute to the engraver Rina Riva, the introduction of the book on sustainable development by the engineer Paola Morgese, as well as seminars dedicated to graphics, undisputed protagonist of this rewiev.
With Incisioni al femminile the importance and the symbolical value of the art at the service of the emancipation can and must emphasize; a not-to-be-missed event wich involved many women committed to discose their need to be free even through the artistic work.

Acevedo Lily (Guatemala), Amato Maria Agata, Ayelet Amit (Israel), Angelini Alessandra, Antonello Debora, Azzinari Veronica, Bertazzoni Laura, Bevilacqua Elisabetta, Bortoluzzi Milvia, Boveri Roberta, Braida Silvia, Caccaro Mirta, Caceres Sofia (Puerto Rico), Cafolla Maria Rosanna, Campagnolo Roberta, Campanella Antonia, Canchari Mariela (Peru), Caprioglio Lucia, Capriolo Paola, Capuano Irene, Caraballo Ismari (Puerto Rico),Caravella Luciana, Cartocci Anna Laura, Caspeller Olsen Annette (Denmark), Chomiciz Malgorzata (Poland), Coli Lolita, Costa Lara Monica, Cremonesi Coletta, Da Gioz Graziella, Diamanti Elisabetta, Di Fazio Laura, Donnarumma Alessandra, Erbino Tonia (USA), Ercolini Daniela, Esteban Liliana, Fasulo Cristina, Fehr Andrea (Germany), Flores Olga (Peru), Giovine Consiglia, Gobetti Paola, Guida Rosa, Hamada Michiko (Japan), Havsteen Franklin Eleanor (Denmark) Hernandez Helena (Mexico), Hofer Eleanora (South Africa), Houston Heather (Canada), Iseppi Valeria, Koenders Caroline (The Netherlands), Latka Joanna (Poland), Lindsay Rosalind (UK), Longo Veronica, Lucrezi Paola, Marin Macarena (Spain), Martignoni Silvana, Martin Monica, Mercandetti Fabiola, Miranda Marcela (Argentina), Modolo Bonizza, Neeurman Birgit (Germany), Nita Rada (Romania), Pacchioni Franca, Paladino Lidia (Argentina), Palazzetti Beatrice, Pancera Roberta, Parsani Motti Carla, Pegoraro Olivia Pellattiero Monica, Piazza Susi, Porporato Luisa, Riva Rina, Rizzetto Franca, Saks Reti (Estonia), Salemi Federica, Savini Daniela, Sabetti Maria, Sayadi Latifa (Tunisia), Semprebon Carla, Sforza Lucia, Shoji Asami (Japan), Signaroldi Antonella, Silverman Annie (USA), Siupka Weronica (Poland), Soto Gonzalez Rocio (Spain), Spadaccini Susana (Brazil), Stor Laura, Superti Carlotta Talamini Tiziana, Tomica Anna, Trojanowska Anna (Poland), Ughes Annamaria, Vaiani Melania, Vidali Marina, Westman Barbara (Poland), Widmer Laura (Canada), Wolkestein Bianca, Zanellati Walterina, Zirnite Nele (Lithuania), Zizza Vanda.

Catalogue in black and white, translation:  Stefania Brandi, Daphne Museum Edizioni.
The Artists, involved in the exhibition, who visit the gallery, will receive one more catalogue’s copy.
Public relation and Press Office: Rosalba Volpe


Open time:
8-28th march 2015, from Tuesday to Saturday: 4.00 pm-7.30 pm.
Monday and holidays: closed. FREE ENTRANCE.
Info: +39. 3332191113 -